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Saturday, February 12th, 2011
5:18 pm - Hey! *Waves.*

I was wondering if anyone knew of any Monster Rancher-themed layouts for LJ. I doubt it, but I'm asking anyway :3 I'm wanting to get something new for my journal and I want to keep the sticky note and the custom text boxes and the Cute layouts don't offer it (>_<)

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Saturday, December 18th, 2010
7:05 pm - Attention PS3 owners

I did a little experimenting. Turns out Monster Rancher 2, when played on a PS3, will not only read CDs, it will also read DVDs and blu ray discs. So yeah, if you own a PS3 and MR2 start searching your PS2/Xbox/Xbox 360/DVD collection.

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Thursday, November 18th, 2010
4:44 pm - Hiya, Monster Rancher fangroup!

I know it's been quiet around here lately, but I'd like to get things moving again at SOME point. I have only been able to play Monster Rancher games via my emulators on my computer lately. It makes me kinda sad. I have a PSX .iso for both MR and MR2! O___O I wish I still had a DS, or I'd scramble to get a copy of MRDS.

I go by the name of a Monster Rancher critter from MR4, Suzuricho, in many places. I've been known to call Jack-in-the-Box "Jack in the Cho" after the enemy monster in the jungle of MR4.

My point is... is there an MR RP out there somewhere? Could there be a forum of fans I can talk to about my adoration for this series? ^____^; I know I'm not the only fan out there. There IS this community, after all. But there has to be more...

Aaaaanyway, besides that, I like other monster raising games, too. Pokemon, Digimon World, Azure Dreams, and of course, Dragon Quest Monsters! How about you guys?

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Monday, November 15th, 2010
9:26 am - Monster Rancher 1 Virtual Memory card

I just got a PS3 and I want to play Monster Rancher 2 on it, yet I don't have one of those memory card devices for it and I'd like to use the Slate feature to get MR1 monsters. Anybody got a PS3 Virtual Memory card save containing Monster Rancher 1 monsters?

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Thursday, August 19th, 2010
4:07 pm - Lets see how well this goes

Anyone who has MRDS with working wifi post your friend codes and IM handles. I feel like hosting some kind of MRDS tournament.

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Thursday, August 12th, 2010
8:28 am

Did anyone figure out how to unlock Joker, Gali, and Naga yet in MRDS?

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010
8:30 am

My review of Monster Rancher DSCollapse )

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Tuesday, August 10th, 2010
10:28 pm - Misc. MRDS Tips

   Well, since a few of us here have been playing for a few days, I thought I would make a topic for miscellaneous tips. Just post any little tidbit that might help people avoid screwing up. It can be kind of hard to find info for the game, and most stuff I've just figured out myself. Anyway, here are mine:
  1. I realized that it's better not to go generating a bunch of monsters haphazardly at the beginning. If you really like a certain monster, avoid getting it until you can combine for it. Why? Because combined stats are superior, and if your encyclopedia entry is the combined monster, you'll be able to generate a monster with those stats anytime you want. It's better to wait until you have your favorites set up before you start generating a bunch. (Caveat: there might be a chance that encyclopedia stats can be overwritten, but I don't think they can. If I'm wrong, though, tell me.) Gaaaah. I'm really sorry, but I realized this is incorrect as I was looking through my encyclopedia again. It looks like it doesn't matter what stats you create a monster with initially, the encyclopedia will always register base stats for the monster. Thus, it should be the same whether you combine or generate.
  2. The stuff Torr sells for 3500 is medicine, despite not seeming like it (Spook Bug, etc.). It will raise stats but take your monster's life down too, so I wouldn't bother with it. I have heard, however, that he sells the special peaches once in a while, and those are definitely things you want (they increase lifespan).
  3. Time does pass when you're just sitting around on the game... I accidentally forgot to shut the DS when I went to do something, and I came back to Cleo stating that a week had passed already, so you can lose time like that (the day of the week displays at the top).
  4. The way to get more trainings is to upgrade your house.
   Gotta go for a bit, but I plan to add more later.

   Edit: Went ahead and removed the one about weight 'cause I wasn't thinking when I wrote it. >_>;;

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8:15 pm - Your Monsters

I only just found this community, though I wish I had sooner since I was so heavily obsessed with MR2 in high school and have retained fondness for it since.

So I was wondering what monsters other people are playing with?

I started with a Mewbat(mew/abyss), then raised an Aero(pixie/tiger), combined the two and got Pixie-ish(pixie/???--those shadow things) and now am raising a Columbina(pixie/piroro) to combine with the -ish.

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4:04 pm - MRDS and CCG!

So I love monster rancher, clearly, and I have a DS... But I'm a bit low on money right now, and I really want the DS game ; A; So can someone please tell me- someone who has it- is it worth it? Is it as good as the PS2 ones? Better? 

In the case of that it is worth it, I'll need to make some money, so I'm going to sell some of my Monster Rancher CCG, incase anyone's interested! I don't think advertising that's against the rules, but incase it is, tell me and I'll edit this out- but I have LOTS of full, unopened packs of Monster Rancher cards, for $2.5 a pack or $7 for 3~ which you can find here incase you maaaay be interested...

That aside, but yeah, I really would appreciate opinions of the games from actual MR fans rather than just reviewers~ Thanks much!

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11:24 am

I went to the tournament where I fight the Dragon and won and got the Dragon Horn. I tried to combine monsters using it as the mixing item but the game told me I couldn't get that monster yet. How do I get permission to raise a dragon?

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Monday, August 9th, 2010
6:52 pm - Incantation and Tone of Voice

   Just got it. I'm trying to sing things because I read that someone had played around with it, and what they found seemed to suggest that incantations have more to do with the tone of your voice than what you actually say. If I speak, no matter what I say in an incantation... I get Bree or Pururu at least half or three-fourths of the time. I guess my voice is just tuned to Piroro? xD Funny, I named my ranch "Guignol".

   But I seem to get more variation when I sing different things, and I seem to get the same thing if I sing the same thing. Singing a bit from the Cutie Honey theme (don't judge me =P) got a Sueko five times. However, singing the notes as "la" got an Aybssie and Baku (twice). Several times when I tried the words again, it got an Electrieel, a Baku (twice), and an Abyssie. Maybe I didn't hit the pitches (I'm not totally reliable with that all the time), or there could be other factors, like distance/loudness/duration. Still, the fact that I was able to reproduce the same thing five times, and seeing that even the off times tended to be the same things, I think there could be some truth to this.

   I might try to do some more testing. Anyone have similar experiences?

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Sunday, August 8th, 2010
8:24 pm

Has anybody gotten your monster to obey you and go to the direction you point to on the touch screen? My monster keeps running around back and forth whenever he finds a crystal, sometimes he flat out runs AWAY from the crystal. I'm trying to unlock Zan in the Jungle.

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7:20 pm

Has anyone figured out how to unlock Zan in this game? I heard you gotta do something specific with a rank C monster in errantry.

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Saturday, August 7th, 2010
6:22 pm

My friend code for MRDS

3181 0890 9594

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Friday, August 6th, 2010
9:01 pm - MRDS

So, the game has been released in the US finally. Those of you who have it, how do you feel about it?

I find the touch screen controls during battle a little gimmicky, but the ability to do it the old way (directional pad/main buttons) was nice.
And... is that a smidge of a story I see? I'm interested on how that plays out.

I currently have a Mew mix. I have no idea what the sub breed is, but it has little bat ears.

How goes progress for the rest of you?

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Thursday, August 5th, 2010
8:58 pm

Can anyone recommend anything I can say/write in MRDS to get cool monsters? Try writing the word "poop" and you get something rather nice.

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Wednesday, August 4th, 2010
1:17 pm - Bah! Still no Monster Rancher DS, but it's not completely hopeless.

   As far as I've read, at least one person was able to get theirs at their local Gamestop, but currently the Gamestop website says there's none within 100 miles of me, and every website I've checked (Amazon, Gamestop, Walmart, Sears) says the game isn't in stock online. Well... Gamestop claims that the status is "usually ships in 24 hours" but when I canceled my still unshipped Amazon order to get it from there, it actually says "backordered" on my order's status. Amazon's page states "in stock" right now, but that's only through a third party seller; Amazon itself does not actually have any. The third party seller's rating is 99% positive, but I'm still unsure if I want to chance ordering it from there.

   Some people are saying Gamestop told them that their order would ship tomorrow or that their stores would have them tomorrow, some say Gamestop said it wasn't in the database (which is impossible because it's up for purchase on their website, etc.). In short, it is a mess. xD I even emailed UFO Interactive about it. The UFO site lists it as a new release on their site, and it's even their featured game. Hopefully they get back to me.

   Sooo, does anyone here actually have it yet?

Edit: Apparently the 3rd party seller on Amazon, Bestsku, actually did start shipping them on the third, and they have their own website. I want to order from them now, but I got a pretty good price on Gamestop, and maybe it will start shipping tomorrow. I'll just be patient. xD

And, to make this post a little bit more useful and interesting, here's a link to all the different types of monsters in this game: clicky.

Edit 2: My response from UFO: "DS Monster Rancher was released on yesterday. You can get it from Gamestop or Amazon.com today." They ignored my noting it wasn't listed as in stock anywhere, but at least we know it is supposed to be out for sure, haha.

Edit 3: The "backordered" bit must have been wrong, 'cause I found out my order has indeed been shipped today. I feel bad for freaking out so much now, but after all the delays... but yeah, you should be able to get it from Gamestop online (people haven't had a lot of luck in store, though). I got 3 day shipping, but the email also stated that UPS doesn't deliver on weekends for Gamestop. Since that's the case, I'll probably get it Monday.

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Saturday, June 19th, 2010
3:36 am - MR1 animated gifs?

Hello, does anyone here know if there are any animated gifs from MR1 in existence, the chibi ones from the training scenes? I just want one of Gali, sooo adorible <3

Also, does anyone know if there are pictures of the ability cards from MR Battle Card? I know legendcup has pics of the monsters, but I want the ability cards, mainly Gali's "Tactics" card. I tried ripping some from my disc but only random ones came out >.<

Oh and in case anyone here dosen't know yet, the Monster Rancher DS game will be released in the US on July 22 :D Glad they didn't release it so close to Pokemon like was originally planned...

I'm mainly getting it for Gali, so glad they put him in again along with Monol <3

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Tuesday, March 9th, 2010
2:35 am - So, who's buying Monster Rancher DS?

We are getting it, by the way (in the US, at least, but DSes are region free, I believe, so anyone else could import. It's coming out the 30th of this month the 20th of July August 3 (another date change, gah)! It's actually Monster Farm DS 2, though; they skipped over the first Monster Farm DS. I'm sad about that, but at least we get one of the DS games. :) It looks really, really cool. The graphics remind me of MR2, and unlike the GBA games, different types of monsters actually look different. There's even Wifi battling and mixing. I'm definitely getting it.

Edit: Here are some videos.

Drawing Generation
More Drawing Generation

And you can find info on the game at MonsterRancher.com; just remember to look in the Monster Farm DS 2 section.

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