Pixie D (pixypixymisa) wrote in monster_rancher,
Pixie D

So, who's buying Monster Rancher DS?

We are getting it, by the way (in the US, at least, but DSes are region free, I believe, so anyone else could import. It's coming out the 30th of this month the 20th of July August 3 (another date change, gah)! It's actually Monster Farm DS 2, though; they skipped over the first Monster Farm DS. I'm sad about that, but at least we get one of the DS games. :) It looks really, really cool. The graphics remind me of MR2, and unlike the GBA games, different types of monsters actually look different. There's even Wifi battling and mixing. I'm definitely getting it.

Edit: Here are some videos.

Drawing Generation
More Drawing Generation

And you can find info on the game at MonsterRancher.com; just remember to look in the Monster Farm DS 2 section.
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