Tara (tarazuma) wrote in monster_rancher,

MR1 animated gifs?

Hello, does anyone here know if there are any animated gifs from MR1 in existence, the chibi ones from the training scenes? I just want one of Gali, sooo adorible <3

Also, does anyone know if there are pictures of the ability cards from MR Battle Card? I know legendcup has pics of the monsters, but I want the ability cards, mainly Gali's "Tactics" card. I tried ripping some from my disc but only random ones came out >.<

Oh and in case anyone here dosen't know yet, the Monster Rancher DS game will be released in the US on July 22 :D Glad they didn't release it so close to Pokemon like was originally planned...

I'm mainly getting it for Gali, so glad they put him in again along with Monol <3
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