Tara (tarazuma) wrote in monster_rancher,

MR1 animated gifs?

Hello, does anyone here know if there are any animated gifs from MR1 in existence, the chibi ones from the training scenes? I just want one of Gali, sooo adorible <3

Also, does anyone know if there are pictures of the ability cards from MR Battle Card? I know legendcup has pics of the monsters, but I want the ability cards, mainly Gali's "Tactics" card. I tried ripping some from my disc but only random ones came out >.<

Oh and in case anyone here dosen't know yet, the Monster Rancher DS game will be released in the US on July 22 :D Glad they didn't release it so close to Pokemon like was originally planned...

I'm mainly getting it for Gali, so glad they put him in again along with Monol <3
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I'm sorry, I can't help regarding the gifs or ability card pics, but I'd love 'em myself if they do exist. Good luck finding them.

I meant to post again or edit my previous post about the DS game with the new date, but I forgot. I'm honestly a little annoyed at the ill-announced date change, but at this point I'm still just glad we're getting it at all. Buuut the date better not change again. And it comes out the same day as the Courage the Cowardly Dog DVD coming out, so whenever that order arrives, it will be a very nice day. xD
Yeah, they better not delay it again. I think the only reason they delayed it is because of pokemon I guess.

And wow, I had NO idea there were Courage DVDs coming out, I <3 that show!
Actually, I read the delay happened because of a deal Tecmo made with another company. The company will be publishing MR DS and another of Tecmo's games. From what I remember, the game was ready and everything, but it just switched hands.

I love Courage, too. I always checked periodically for DVDs juuuust in case, and it's finally happening. xD
Oh, ok, that WAS a pointless delay then, but w/e, as long as it's coming out *-*

Hehe, and yeah, they need to come out with DVDs of more old cartoons. I miss cartoon cartoon fridays :(
Oh, I looked around some more, and I found another article stating that the company originally developing it for Tecmo went out of business. The article I'd read before just said that it was part of a business deal with UFO Interactive, but since Cling went down, that makes sense. Anyway, just a month to go...

I really miss it, too. In the same line as the Courage DVD, they've already released the first season of Johnny Bravo. It's not my favorite, but I'm glad it's out. I just wish they'd release Dexter. It's my absolute fave besides Courage.

And it's a pity cartoons like Monster Rancher never get DVD releases. xD Well, not with subs. A looooong time ago ADV released a few DVDs of the dub, but not all. *owns one*
Wow, that is unfortunate, poor little MRDS. I hope it sells well when it comes out :(

And omf, yes, I LOOOOVE Dexter's Lab, it's my number 1 fav of the old CN toons. I actually just downloaded that entire series via torrent, but if they ever come out with the DVDs I'll buy them just to show there's still a fanbase for these classics.

And yeah, I've never seen any Monster Rancher DVDs, I remember some tapes back many years ago but I never bought them for some wierd reason. I downloaded the entire series though <3 But I still haven't watched it yet...after 3 years...what the heck is wrong with me O_O I saw most of it on TV, but then they stopped after the Melcarba ep, and I was dying to see the rest for years and years, then I finally get the entire series and...it just sat there on my HD >>
Me too. I don't think the series has done so hot lately, especially Evo; looking at the topic about it here and having played it myself (a bit- I got bored with it fast), I can gather that it definitely was not a hit with fans of the series. I think we're all sitting on our porches, shaking our canes, and going, "Give us another Monster Rancher 2!" xD From the looks of trailers, MRDS may be much closer.

Aww, yeah. It was so great. I don't download stuff for space reasons, but even if I did, I'd still buy. It's something I want to own forever and ever. I am kinda tempted to download MR someday though, especially if I can get it all in Japanese. I always wanted to see it subbed, and my viewing of it when it was on TV was kinda spotty. I need to fill in some gaps. xD
Yes, MR2 was the best IMO, purely due to monster selection. MR4 was pretty fun too though gameplay wise. And yeah, I didn't even bother with Evo. It looked lame and didn't have any monsters that interested me. Kinda like 3, which I bought anyways at the time, but was sorely disappointed with.

To be fair though I'm a huge Gali fangirl so it's kinda hard to interest me if he's not present >.>

And I'd like subtitled version of the show too, unfortunately all that seems to be available is the dubbed version, so I still have to listen to Genki's infernal dub calling everyone "goodies" or "baddies" -.-

Argh! I checked my Amazon excitedly to see when my order was shipping, and they've apparently pushed the release further back to August 3! Dx

Anyway, yeah, MR4 had some good things and came closer than 3, but I didn't like the storyline stuff much and wound up not playing it as much as the others). Did not like the design of Pixies (my personal favorite) either, not from 3 on. 2 had the very best Pixies.

I played a whole, whole lot of 3, though, largely for the reason that it was the first one I owned. I never had a PS1; when I was a kid, I played MR2 at my friend's house. When we got a PS2, MR3 was out, so that was the one my parents got me. My thoughts on 3 are that I did quite like some of the things they introduced and wish they were kept (accessories, ranch locations, and monster hearts, in particular), but they ditched too much of the previous games. The biggest problem was doing away with mixing. 2 was an improvement on 1 whereas 3 was a new direction that kinda sorta missed the mark and forgot its origins. 4 went back to 2 a little, I felt, but the new direction thing kept up (and kept failing). And then EVO... new direction to the max, fail to the max.
Haha, wow, seems we have pretty much the exact same opinions on MR games, and yes, 2 had the best Pixies.

MR2 was my first PS1 game so I played it the most. I first played 2 at my friend's house before getting a PS1 though.

I played 3 a fair amount I guess, but I only got like 2 ranches in it. I also liked the accessories, ranch locations and monster hearts, but I didn't like that a monster could change form depending on the ranch it was on. Well, it never happened to me, but I was a bit worried about it happening on its own or something. I really only raised one monster, a Lemlaria.

But yeah, I'm surprised the monster hearts didn't appear in any other games, it was a great concept.

About the only thing I liked in 4 were the ability to move around the ranch and the dungeons (thought the random encounters were really annoying)

And that sucks about MRDS being pushed back again. Reminds me of what happened with Megaman collecton back in 2004 :/
Haha, awesome. Yeah, after 2, Pixies started lookin' weird, and in general they moved to a graphic style that wasn't as realistic or detailed as 2 was. I do like cel-shaded graphics, but I'd rather see MR looking a bit less cutesy (except where appropriate, like Mew or Mocchi). 4 got some of the detail back, but some of the wonky character designs were still there. xD

I had my monsters change forms a couple of times. It was based on feeding the monster food from that region often, if I remember correctly. On the one hand it's kind of a neat concept, but it has the power to be far more annoying than interesting, especially given the very limited choices of food. And I did think the idea of regional monsters was nice, but it was no replacement for mixing.

I think the reason monster hearts were done away with is that they basically did away with death after 3, I think. I was kind of disappointed with that. I didn't like losing monsters (my first Terror Dog on MR1 is still frozen so that she won't die >_>), but the slightly more realistic nature of MR (food, training, affection, injuries, death) and the fact that things did have repercussions were things I felt made the game more interesting. Come 3, with monster hearts, I was really excited because that seemed to be the perfect system.

Dungeons were pretty cool.

Yeah... Monsterrancher.net and Gamestop are listing the August 3 date, though, so hopefully this is the real one.
Oh, I wasn't even aware 4 didn't have monster deaths. I prefer the lack of death myself, it seemed like alot of hard work for nothing.

But yeah, as far as the designs go, I prefer the more realistic and serious ones rather then the cel shaded cutesy ones from 3. Plus the new monsters in 3 I found incredibly boring, like Psiroller and such.

I don't remember 4 having death, anyway, and I know it definitely had retirement. The thing with the removal of death is that it was just switched with retirement (except in MRA2- maybe MRA, but I haven't played- where you could make your retired monster a coach). Rather than dying, your assistant just makes you retire your monster once it gets to a certain age (or you can retire it at any point beforehand). It wasn't anything different, just a happier coat of paint. xD

I'm a big fan of some of the MR3 additions (Pancho, Suzurin, and Momo especially), but I've never cared for Psirollers either.
Oh yeah, that's right! I forgot about the reitrement thing. Yeah, monster hearts were definately the best option then. And I think you could make any monster a coach in MRA2 if im not mistaken, I haven't played that for a long time either lol.

Oh yeah, I did like Pancho actually, they were adorable! I didn't like Momo at all though lol. I also didn't care for Lesione and Octopee, they were way too generic.

Of course, I don't like all of the original monsters either, especially Hare, I hated them from the beginning lol. Never cared for Baku, Hopper, Jill or Ape either.
Yeah, the coach bit in MRA2 was interesting, although I still didn't find it all that useful because my monsters were seldom strong enough to be great coaches. xD

I'm not much for Lesione either, but I did like Octopee.

Haha, I love Hare and Hopper (though raising them is annoying... they always start to hate me), but Baku, Jill, and Ape are kinda boring. I never cared for Colorpandora either, but I'll raise them sometimes.