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Misc. MRDS Tips

   Well, since a few of us here have been playing for a few days, I thought I would make a topic for miscellaneous tips. Just post any little tidbit that might help people avoid screwing up. It can be kind of hard to find info for the game, and most stuff I've just figured out myself. Anyway, here are mine:
  1. I realized that it's better not to go generating a bunch of monsters haphazardly at the beginning. If you really like a certain monster, avoid getting it until you can combine for it. Why? Because combined stats are superior, and if your encyclopedia entry is the combined monster, you'll be able to generate a monster with those stats anytime you want. It's better to wait until you have your favorites set up before you start generating a bunch. (Caveat: there might be a chance that encyclopedia stats can be overwritten, but I don't think they can. If I'm wrong, though, tell me.) Gaaaah. I'm really sorry, but I realized this is incorrect as I was looking through my encyclopedia again. It looks like it doesn't matter what stats you create a monster with initially, the encyclopedia will always register base stats for the monster. Thus, it should be the same whether you combine or generate.
  2. The stuff Torr sells for 3500 is medicine, despite not seeming like it (Spook Bug, etc.). It will raise stats but take your monster's life down too, so I wouldn't bother with it. I have heard, however, that he sells the special peaches once in a while, and those are definitely things you want (they increase lifespan).
  3. Time does pass when you're just sitting around on the game... I accidentally forgot to shut the DS when I went to do something, and I came back to Cleo stating that a week had passed already, so you can lose time like that (the day of the week displays at the top).
  4. The way to get more trainings is to upgrade your house.
   Gotta go for a bit, but I plan to add more later.

   Edit: Went ahead and removed the one about weight 'cause I wasn't thinking when I wrote it. >_>;;
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