Randi Sarah (kawaiiranchan) wrote in monster_rancher,
Randi Sarah

Hiya, Monster Rancher fangroup!

I know it's been quiet around here lately, but I'd like to get things moving again at SOME point. I have only been able to play Monster Rancher games via my emulators on my computer lately. It makes me kinda sad. I have a PSX .iso for both MR and MR2! O___O I wish I still had a DS, or I'd scramble to get a copy of MRDS.

I go by the name of a Monster Rancher critter from MR4, Suzuricho, in many places. I've been known to call Jack-in-the-Box "Jack in the Cho" after the enemy monster in the jungle of MR4.

My point is... is there an MR RP out there somewhere? Could there be a forum of fans I can talk to about my adoration for this series? ^____^; I know I'm not the only fan out there. There IS this community, after all. But there has to be more...

Aaaaanyway, besides that, I like other monster raising games, too. Pokemon, Digimon World, Azure Dreams, and of course, Dragon Quest Monsters! How about you guys?
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