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Bah! Still no Monster Rancher DS, but it's not completely hopeless.

   As far as I've read, at least one person was able to get theirs at their local Gamestop, but currently the Gamestop website says there's none within 100 miles of me, and every website I've checked (Amazon, Gamestop, Walmart, Sears) says the game isn't in stock online. Well... Gamestop claims that the status is "usually ships in 24 hours" but when I canceled my still unshipped Amazon order to get it from there, it actually says "backordered" on my order's status. Amazon's page states "in stock" right now, but that's only through a third party seller; Amazon itself does not actually have any. The third party seller's rating is 99% positive, but I'm still unsure if I want to chance ordering it from there.

   Some people are saying Gamestop told them that their order would ship tomorrow or that their stores would have them tomorrow, some say Gamestop said it wasn't in the database (which is impossible because it's up for purchase on their website, etc.). In short, it is a mess. xD I even emailed UFO Interactive about it. The UFO site lists it as a new release on their site, and it's even their featured game. Hopefully they get back to me.

   Sooo, does anyone here actually have it yet?

Edit: Apparently the 3rd party seller on Amazon, Bestsku, actually did start shipping them on the third, and they have their own website. I want to order from them now, but I got a pretty good price on Gamestop, and maybe it will start shipping tomorrow. I'll just be patient. xD

And, to make this post a little bit more useful and interesting, here's a link to all the different types of monsters in this game: clicky.

Edit 2: My response from UFO: "DS Monster Rancher was released on yesterday. You can get it from Gamestop or Amazon.com today." They ignored my noting it wasn't listed as in stock anywhere, but at least we know it is supposed to be out for sure, haha.

Edit 3: The "backordered" bit must have been wrong, 'cause I found out my order has indeed been shipped today. I feel bad for freaking out so much now, but after all the delays... but yeah, you should be able to get it from Gamestop online (people haven't had a lot of luck in store, though). I got 3 day shipping, but the email also stated that UPS doesn't deliver on weekends for Gamestop. Since that's the case, I'll probably get it Monday.
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